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The Mirena intrauterine device (IUD) is a popular, FDA-approved long-term contraceptive (birth control) device that works by releasing a type of progestin known as levonorgestrel into the bloodtream. In addition to using the Mirena IUD to prevent pregnancy for up to five years, it’s also prescribed to treat heavy menstrual bleeding and excessive cramping.

Pseudotumor Cerebri Information

Women who use the Mirena IUD, may develop Pseudotumor Cerebri (PTC), a serious neurological condition that causes intracranial fluid accumulation (build-up of fluid around the brain).


Pseudotumor cerebri increases cranial pressure and can produce symptoms that are very similar to those of a brain tumor. Women who develop PTC may experience severe migraines, memory problems, and cognitive impairment. This fluid buildup can also cause swelling of the optic disc which can lead to double or blurred vision, vision loss, or permanent blindness.


Women who develop Mirena PTC should have the device removed immediately. However, because PTC is a relatively rare disorder, diagnosis often takes an extended period of time. To aid diagnosing, if you are experiencing the symptoms of PTC, be sure to tell your doctor you have been implanted with the Mirena IUD.


Once diagnosis is made, physicians typically try to treat PTC with medications designed to slow the body’s production of cerebrospinal fluid. However, if these treatments do not work, the patient may need to undergo multiple spinal taps (lumbar punctures) or have a shunt inserted to drain excess fluid from the brain. Both of these procedures can introduce their own set of health problems including infection and pain.

Neurological symptoms of pseudotumor cerebri include:

  • Severe Migraine Headaches
  • Blindness / Temporary blindness
  • Double vision
  • Blurred vision
  • Tunnel vision / “Halo” Vision
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Vertigo
  • Tinnitus / Whooshing Sound in the Ear
  • Neck, Shoulder & Back Pain
  • Memory Problems
  • Cognitive Impairment

Mirena Pseduotumor Cerebri Lawsuit Information

Women diagnosed with Pseudotumor Cerebri (PTC) after a Mirena IUD implantation began suing the device’s manufacturer, Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals, s early as 2014. These plaintiffs allege that Bayer knew about Mirena’s potential Pseudotumor Cerebri risks, yet failed to properly warn consumers or healthcare providers.

Mirena Pseudotumor Cerebri Lawsuits

A growing number of women who suffered PTC after being implanted with the Mirena IUD are filing complaints against Bayer Healthcare alleging the pharmaceutical giant:

  • Knew or should have known about the increased risks of PTC
  • Failed to warn physicians and their patients about the dangerous side effects of the device, including brain injury and blindness
  • Engaged in deceptive marketing practices
  • Concealed the harmful side effects of the Mirena, including the increased risk of developing PTC
  • Produced, marketed, sold, and distributed a knowingly defective product
  • Failed to provide adequate warnings about PTC

Failed to instruct the medical community about Mirena PTC

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