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Essure is a birth control device that has been connected to serious abdominal injuries. There have been allegations that Bayer—the manufacturer of the Essure device—hid information about these side effects from the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) in order to obtain approval. Contact our team at The Fox Law Firm, P.C. at 1-800-FOX-FIRM to discover how our medical device lawyers can help you recover compensation for damages sustained in connection with use of this product.

Essure Birth Control & Tube Puncture Injuries

Conceptus, Inc.—a Bayer-owned company—received FDA approval for the permanent birth control device Essure in November 2002. Essure is a non-hormonal, non-surgical birth control product. In most cases, the insertion procedure took just 10 minutes and involved insertion of the flexible spring-like device through the patient’s vagina and cervix, into her fallopian tubes. Once in position, scar tissue would then grow over and around the coils. Within about three months, this would create a block in the fallopian tubes which would keep sperm from fertilizing eggs.

Side Effects of Essure

Severe complications have been reported in connection with this device, such as:

  • Chronic pelvic pain
  • Ectopic pregnancies
  • Autoimmune responses
  • Expulsion of the Essure device
  • Tearing or perforation of pelvic organs
  • Device migration and even “disappearance” in the patient’s body
  • Necessary follow-up surgeries, even hysterectomy
  • Allergic reactions including serious migraines
  • Obesity

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Reports of serious injuries have been reported by Essure patients. As a result of these severe complications and the abdominal damage sustained by many patients, Bayer has been named in hundreds of lawsuits related to the Essure birth control device.  Contact our law firm now to receive the compassionate, aggressive, and effective advocacy you need to win. Call our medical device lawyer at-866-FOX-FIRM today.

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