Dangers of Social Media During a Defective Product Case

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Dangers of Social Media During a Defective Product Case

Facebook being in the news lately regarding the safety of personal information highlights to need to be careful what you post online during a product liability case. Our defective medical device attorneys and dangerous drug lawyers want to make sure that our clients are very careful when posting online during their case. Some of the information they post online could hurt their claim and be used against them by the other side.

Even though you set privacy settings at the highest level, anything you post online has the potential of becoming public information. Furthermore, some courts across the country have ruled in favor of defense attorneys who request copies of social media posts or access to social media accounts for plaintiffs.

Therefore, the best policy is to avoid using social media when you have a personal injury claim pending. However, for clients who do not want to give up social media during the pendency of their claim, the following tips can help them avoid online mistakes that could hurt their chance of recovering full compensation for their product liability claim.

Safety Tips for Social Media Posts During Product Liability Claims

  • Set your online privacy settings for all accounts to the highest level possible.
  • Review your privacy settings periodically to ensure the settings have not changed, and the settings are at the highest level possible.
  • Block family and friends from tagging you in posts or photographs without your permission.
  • Do not discuss your product liability claim, including the medication, medical device, or company involved in the claim.
  • Avoid discussing your health and medical treatments.
  • Do not post photographs or videos.
  • Avoid making comments stating you are “fine” or “doing great.” Jurors can misinterpret those comments.
  • Do not accept a friend request from anyone you do not know. Defense attorneys and their investigators have been known to send friend requests to plaintiffs so that they can view their social media accounts.
  • Set your privacy settings so that friends of friends cannot see your posts or information. In other words, limit the people who can view your account.

Your attorneys may have additional instructions for you regarding social media accounts and online activity. Discussing these questions early in your case can prevent you from making costly mistakes during your claim.

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