I Cannot Afford to Hire a Defective Drug Attorney, but I Need Help!

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I Cannot Afford to Hire a Defective Drug Attorney, but I Need Help!

When your doctor prescribes a medication, you should be able to trust that the medication is going to perform as expected if you take the medication as directed. Your doctor should inform you of the potential side effects and the labeling and information provided with the medication should also inform you of potential side effects and risks from using the medication.

Because each person’s body and health condition are unique, drugs can react in different ways for different people. For this reason, drug companies have a duty to test drugs to ensure they are safe and effective, but also to identify potential side effects.  Those side effects are disclosed so that patients can make an informed decision with their physician about whether to use the medication.

However, some pharmaceutical companies are negligent in one or more ways, such as failing to perform adequate testing, intentionally concealing test results, or failing to provide adequate warnings and instructions.  In other cases, a drug company might market the drug to doctors for uses that are not approved by the FDA.

When a drug company is negligent or commits wrongdoing, our attorneys want to hold that company responsible for the harm it causes to our clients. We have dedicated our law practice to fighting for patients and their families who have suffered harm because of dangerous drugs.

Our lawyers at The Fox Law Firm, P.C. understand that many families are suffering financially because of the injuries and damages caused by defective drugs. Therefore, we accept cases on a contingency fee basis to help victims who cannot afford an attorney to get the legal help they need at a time when they need an attorney the most.

We Don’t Get Paid Until You Get Paid for Your Injuries and Pain

That is right — We don’t get paid until you get paid for your injuries and pain. In addition to offering no-obligation case reviews and free legal consultations, we accept cases on a contingency fee basis. In other words, our fees are dependent on our ability to recover money for your injuries, losses, and damages.

Therefore, you do not need to worry about how you will pay for our services. Our attorney fees are based on a percentage of the settlement or the recovery amount for your claim. In addition to putting your worry about fees aside, you can also put your worry about who is handling your claim aside. Our defective product attorneys have experience handling claims related to dangerous drugs, defective medical devices, and defective products.

We Have the Experience You Need When Fighting Big Pharma

Our law firm is a nationwide law firm; therefore, we can help you regardless of where you reside in the United States. Our years of experience have resulted in dedicated attorneys who understand the laws governing pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Through handling thousands of claims, we have developed a strong network of professionals and experts who assist us as we fight aggressively and passionately for justice for each of our clients.

Contact The Fox Law Firm, P.C. for your free consultation by calling 1-866-FOX-FIRM or 1-866-369-3476 or by completing the online form found on our website. It does not cost you anything to talk to an attorney.

If you suspect you are the victim of a dangerous drug or defective medical device, call now. You have nothing to lose, but you can gain a dedicated team of legal professionals who will fight for your rights against large corporations that are more interested in profits than the safety of patients.