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linked to permanent hair loss
Talcum Powder
linked to ovarian cancer
IVC Filter
device migration & organ damage
Invokana Side Effects
ketoacidosis & amputations

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Injuries caused by dangerous pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and medical devices is a frightening but unavoidable reality. In our world, too many people are sustaining injuries because major pharmaceutical and medical device companies fail to put consumer safety first. Here at The Fox Law Firm, P.C., we’ve dedicated our nationwide practice to fighting for those injured by the irresponsible or dangerous practices of pharmaceutical and medical device companies across the United States. We’re proud of our accomplishments on behalf of our clients, leading to $400 million in client recoveries since 2002. We’re confident in our ability to win tough cases, and we’re ready to fight for you.


We’ve fought wars for our clients and won. We know how to protect your rights. Our team understands how to provide our clients with the personalized attention they deserve. We represent people, not numbers. Many firms in our industry have lost sight of that. We have not.

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injured by a defective product?

The attorneys at The Fox Law Firm have recovered more than $400 million for our clients and have successfully resolved thousands of cases against pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers.

Experience Creates Success.


Cases are referred to the Fox Law Firm by attorneys across the nation who wish to obtain the expertise and experience of the firm in handling complex litigation. Our referring attorneys know that we have the necessary legal and financial resources to successfully prepare even the most complex of cases for trial.

People Make The Difference.


We understand that many of our clients have needs beyond their legal issues and we work to insure these human needs are taken care of quickly and compassionately.

Current Cases We Are Accepting

Side effects include: Ketoacidosis, kidney failure, heart failure, and amputation of legs, toes and feet.

Pradaxa, a blood thinner has been linked to serious side effects such as internal bleeding and death.

Nexium, Prilosec and Prevacid are some of the PPI's that have been linked to kidney damage.

Mirena IUD birth control side effects include pseudotumors and inter-cranial hypertension.

Talcum Powder has been linked to serious side effects including Ovarian Cancer in women.

Side effects include permanent hair loss including baldess, lack of eyebrows, and body hair absence.

Hernia Mesh patients have an increased risk of reoccurrence and revision surgeries.

Essure birth control devices are failing causing unwanted pregnancies to women using the birth control device.

Side effects including perforation of tissue and organs, pulmonary embolism and severe chest pain.

You may have a valid claim and be entitled to compensation for your injuries, but you must act quickly to ensure your rights are preserved. Contact the attorneys at The Fox Law Firm today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

Focused On Pharmaceutical & Device Litigation Since Day One

We have focused on pharmaceutical and device litigation since our inception. It’s what we do. It’s what we’ve always done. It’s what we’re passionate about. And that singular focus is what enables us to pursue results for our clients without the distractions faced by other law firms that juggle multiple practice areas.

We’re Here To Fight The Drug Manufacturers & Win.

Our team is committed to fighting the giant drug manufacturer on behalf of individuals who have been wrongfully harmed. It’s a battle that is always worth fighting, and it’s a battle we have been committed to winning with singular focus since opening our doors in 2002. We can’t guarantee the outcome of your case, but we are confident that you will feel peace of mind with a drug injury attorney from The Fox Law Firm, P.C. on your side.  We offer free case evaluations and work on a contingency fee basis, meaning we get paid only when you get paid for your injuries. With a history of success, you can feel good with our team on your side. Call us at 1-866-FOX-FIRM today.

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